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About Saucecode

Saucecode is a project aimed at discovering and celebrating the finest technical talents in Africa starting with Nigeria. it was conceived to challenge the talents in our ecosystem, encourage programming best practise, promote collaboration, make new role models out of the very best and put Nigeria on the map again.

We are hoping to stir the intellectual fabric of the Nigerian tech ecosystem by promoting competence and excellence. The Saucecode project is about inspiring our continent to groom the number of technical minds required to build our future.

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How does Saucecode work?

Create Team

Participants are required to form teams upon registration, each team is meant to be a maximum of four(4) and a minimum of two(2). An individual from the team registers on the platform and invites other team members to join the team created.

Submit Project

After one month of building their prototype, each team is required to host their projects using any hosting service (free or paid) and submit the link to the project. The top twenty (20) to submit their prototypes and have it pass the given criteria move to the next round where votes would be done on their behalf

Voting Starts

Upon submission, voting is done on the platform by the public for their favourite teams. The leaderboard would display each team and it’s current votes in real time to include transparency in results.

Judge select finalist

The best ten (10) teams who emerge with the highest votes get to compete with each other through their prototypes before a closed panel of judges who then select the best five(5) out of the Ten (10) with the given criteria.

Announce finalists

The five teams who make it to the final stage from the judges selection are annouced. The teams go back to improve their prototype after taking feedback from our judges during the selection, so as to prepare for the grand finale.

Saucecode Awards

The grand finale wraps up the month long hackathon, here the five remaining finalists pitch their Prototype / built product to the event audience and panel of sophisticated judges. The Saucecode 2018 winning team is announced.

The Judges

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